Visit the Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region
February 13, 2012
16 members of the Organizing Committee ("OC") of the Macau Gaming Management Association visited the Chief Executive, Fernando Chui Sai On, and introduced to the Chief Executive the OC members and the direction of the association's future developments. The Chief Executive encouraged the designated leadership to lead the association in playing an active role in the gaming industry.

Headed by the OC Chairman, Dr. Davis Fong, 16 OC members of the Macau Gaming Management Association recently visited the Chief Executive, Fernando Chui Sai On. The OC members participating in this visit includes Wendy Yu, Hannah Koo, Josephine Un, Billy Chu, Angel Vong, Charlene Tam, Sandy Sio, Jean Cheang, Trasy Lou, Kelly Fong, Venus Ma, Rosita Jiang, Joseph Tang, Fresh Lo and Angus Lao.

During the meeting, Davis Fong briefed the Chief Executive that the establishment of the Macau Gaming Management Association was originated from a group of management engaging in gaming, tourism and related industries. In view that one of the core competitiveness of the long-term development of the Macau gaming and tourism industries rests with the nurturing of human capital and the professionalizing of management, it was hoped that through the establishment of the association, the following could be achieved: (i) to provide an exchange platform for professionalizing our Macau gaming management, (ii) to organize cultural and recreational activities for local and foreign persons engaging in gaming management in Macau in order to enhance friendship and contacts, and (iii) to be actively involved in social welfare and charity work, so as to make the leisure life of gaming practitioners more fruitful and meaningful.

Fernando Chui Sai On expressed that gaming industry is the leading industry of Macau. It is also an important pillar of Macau's economy. In addition to hardware, software is a part that cannot be ignored in sustaining a diversified development of the gaming industry. Therefore, Fernando Chui Sai On expected the Gaming Management Association could promote an exchange of professionalism within the gaming industry, widen the global vision of industry personnel, and enhance the knowledge and quality of service of practitioners.

Macau Gaming Management Association is a non-profit, cultural and academic organization. Any professional management who is currently engaging in the gaming, tourism and related industries can apply to become a member. This association will hold a series of academic exchanges and social activities for members to participate on a regular basis.