The core competitiveness of the diversified and sustainable development of the Macau gaming and tourism industries rests with the nurturing of human capital and the professionalizing of management. In view of this, a group of management engaging in gaming, tourism and related industries initiates the establishment of the Macau Gaming Management Association (MGMA). It is hoped that through the establishment of the association, the following goals could be achieved:

  • To provide an exchange platform for professionalizing gaming management in Macau;
  • To organize cultural and recreational activities for local and foreign persons engaging in gaming management in order to enhance friendship and contacts;
  • To be actively involved in social welfare and charity work, so as to make the leisure life of gaming practitioners more fruitful and meaningful.

Macau Gaming Management Association is a non-profit, cultural and academic organization. Any professional management who is currently engaging in the gaming, tourism and related industries can apply to become a member.

For membership application, please click here.